WHY HandsDown?

Distracted driving is clearly an epidemic.

Ever since humans figured out how to watch movies, play video games,and picture-phone their friends while barreling down the highway at cheetah-speed in a big metal box, we’ve been losing our lives doing exactly that.


Cell phone use accounts for
more than one-in-four crashes


The fatal crash rate for teens is three
times greater than for drivers 20+


of vehicle crash fatalities involved
a distracted driver

Avoidable vehicle accidents aren’t just heartbreaking…they’re also expensive.



of commercial vehicles are
involved in an accident every


people are injured every day
in accidents involving a
distracted driver.


is the average insurance claim
for a fatal car accident.

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Lower risk means lower insurance prices.

Verifiably responsible driving means you’re less risky to your insurance carrier. HandsDown proves to your insurance provider that your teen/employee physically cannot text while driving, and is therefore less like to get in a wreck.

HandsDown is currently in the early process of working with all major carriers. Contact your insurance provider today to check on avialability.

Disclaimer: Although it is our intent to work closely with all major insurance companies upon completion and final testing of the HandsDown units and we have had extremely positive preliminary meetings with several such companies with the goal of having discounts provided by each insurance company to more than pay for the cost of the system and ongoing monitoring and reporting; AT THIS TIME THE NAMES OR LOGOS OF ANY INSURANCE COMPANIES REFERENCED HEREIN ARE SIMPLY FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES AND ABSOLUTELY NO FORM OF OFFICIAL RELATIONSHIP, PARTNERSHIP OR ENDORSEMENT IS IMPLIED WHATSOEVER.


Why have so many failed?

Sure, we aren’t the first ones to apply a technological approach to the distracted driving problem, but we are the first ones to apply something beyond half-measures.

Why have we succeeded where
others have failed?

  • The person with the phone controls the phone, and apps are way too easy to override.
  • Regardless of best intentions, calls can seem soooooo important at the time.
  • Human nature…most people don’t feel guilty lying to their phones